Wolfie (Beowulf) was found as a kitten in a wood pile with a spinal cord injury. The injury was an incomplete injury to the spine, which means it he had no ability to use either back leg but he was able too still pee and poop on his own. At that time I was co-chair of medical for a no kill shelter, the other co-chair called me for my opinion.

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I said animals and people adjust week to handicaps when they are going…let’s give him a chance. He came to my house to be fostered. Prior to arriving they already amputated his one leg and was hoping he maybe able to be trained to use the other like a peg leg and hop. He wasn’t having no part of that… He just loved scooting around on the floor, though his remaining leg kept getting him hung up on chair legs etc, so we decided to get the other leg amputated too. We made little onsies out of socks for him. A woman we knew use to sew broadway outfits she took our or sad sick and made him nice outfits.He wore then till he was about 6 months old. Wolfie has never known he was handicapped … He learned to climb steps, to climb into the couch and my bed.

He looks like a wrestler he is so muscular. We did make him a cart at one time and he wouldn’t use it, he would literally just hang his head.. So we just let him be. After fostering him there was NO WAY I could not adopt him… He is 15 now, has a little arthritis but he doesn’t let it stop him. He started losing weight this yr and was dx with hyperthyroidism. I decided only the best for my guy so I called Radiocat and asked if they could handle a two legged cat, after talking the date was set and they fell in love with him too…he is doing well gaining weight, fur is looking healthy again.

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Dear Drs. Herring + Wachsstock:
Our cat, Ruby Rawlings had her treatment at the San Mateo, Ca facility on May 20th. When we got the diagnosis last March and the subsequent recommendation from our vet to do the 1-131 we were in a state of worry and anxiety. – In the past we have been able to treat our cats homeopathically so it took some adjustment for us to wrap our heads around the idea of Ruby going for this treatment- and her being gone for 3 days.

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That is the purpose of this letter, to thank you both for not only creating this therapy but for doing it in a way that is the least stressful for our cats and their worried, human companions.

When I first spoke with Linda I was nervous. She put me at ease immediately with her friendly tone and easy laugh. What a great Ambassador she is for Radiocat. It is that first impression and contact that sets the tone and she did a fabulous job. Whenever I had a question or concern she got back to me with easy to understand answers and even accommodated a special request to pick up Ruby at the 1 PM time slot on pick up day.

We dropped Ruby off on Tuesday, May 20th after driving an hour from Sausalito to San Mateo with a very stressed cat that is not used to the car. By the time we got to Radiocat she was panting and was dripping wet from saliva. Valencia took us into an exam room and immediately let Ruby out of her carrier so she could “chill”. Valencia was warm, friendly, organized, efficient and so loving to Ruby. We left there with less stress and more ease than we would have. For the next two days we got wonderful phone calls updating us on Ruby. The calls were on time, unrushed, informative and so appreciated. It put our minds at ease and made living through those 3 days much easier.

Time will tell if the treatment is successful or if Ruby will have to come back for another treatment. In the meantime we wanted to express our profound gratitude for stream lining this treatment and making it available. And you do it in such a warm and loving way. Amazing.

With gratitude,
Vicki Rawlings

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I wanted to write to let you know and, if you could, let the Richmond, VA Radiocat team know, Cory Metzger is doing well. He had the treatment on April 18, 2014 and had his follow-up lab work at his vet’s on Wednesday, May, 21st. The results are back and his T4 level was 1.1 instead of greater than 7.

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His kidney function was normal and he has no issues with bone marrow with normal RBC’s and WBC’s. He has gained almost a pound in one month which is great since he was getting very thin. Thank you and the team in Richmond, VA for all they did. Everyone we met at Radiocat at the Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Clinic was helpful and friendly.
Cory’s care was well organized and the staff who took care of him called us each day to report to us how Cory was doing.

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One year ago our boy, Muli Mai, went to Radiocat for treatment. It was the best decision we could have ever made for him, and we are so happy to have our boy back to his old self – funny and playful with more love to share than you could ever imagine. So this is a big shout out to Radiocat with a big thank you for what you guys do!


Thank you Radiocat!!!! Out little Nera was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 4-5 months ago. We found out about the radioactive iodine treatment and after lots.of research decided this was the way to go. Nera just had her 3 month checkup and her T4 level is down to 2.3! So excited we decided to go this route and cure her instead of just treating with daily medication. Radiocat saved our Nera…thank you!!!!