The Cure For Feline Hyperthyroidism Is Here

It’s true. A single injection of Radioiodine (I-131) cures 98-99%
of Feline Hyperthyroidism cases without any adverse side effects

Cory Metzger

I wanted to write to let you know and, if you could, let the Richmond, VA Radiocat team know, Cory Metzger is doing well. He had the treatment...

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Wolfie (Beowulf) was found as a kitten in a wood pile with a spinal cord injury. The injury was an incomplete injury to the spine, which means it he had...

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Ruby Rawlings

Our cat, Ruby Rawlings had her treatment at the San Mateo, Ca facility on May 20th. When we got the diagnosis...

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  • 1-6 yrs – 1.3%
  • 7-11 yrs – 32.4%
  • 12-16 yrs – 59.6%
  • 17-21 yrs – 3.9%
  • 22-26 yrs – .05%